Tony Hinchliffe has always loved the sense of escapism that comes with creating artwork. He’s passionate about exploring my creativity, constantly looking at developing his techniques so he can keep that feeling of energy within his work. When someone is emotionally moved by looking at Tony Hinchliffe’s artwork that is a big motivation for the artist as he’s always liked to please people through his painting.

Tony Hinchliffe’s preferred medium is oil paint, he sometimes creates an acrylic underpainting first as he really likes the way the oil paint behaves when applied over acrylic. He often dilutes the oil paint down with turpentine in the initial stages and uses it like watercolour.

Tony Hinchliffe’s figurative painting is all about depicting the mood and intimacy within a moment, using a loose approach to his brushwork, trying to be spontaneous while carefully considering placement of strong contrasting values to create depth.

He has spent thousands of hours drawing figures from life, this has been fundamental to the development of Tony Hinchliffe’s figurative painting style – mainly because he gets to observe directly the little details in body language that can suggest all manner of narrative, his favourite one is that everyone deserves to feel loved.

Tony Hinchliffe also teaches figure drawing and painting which means he’s constantly examining, tweaking and improving the process. His main inspiration comes from being outside, studying people, oceans, landscapes and skies in all weather conditions.

He feels that he’s succeeded when he can look at my finished painting and recall accurately how he felt during the process of painting a little like re reading a diary.

One of Tony Hinchliffe’s latest projects is about depicting skies and landscapes at altitude, He has a lot of fun exploring the skies in my paramotor, flying above, around and sometimes inside the clouds, the atmosphere and light at several thousand feet can be extremely fascinating and a real challenge to depict with a paint brush.